The theme for Issue 2 is UNDERCOVER OPERATION. 

This could be the story of that bra - you know the one, or the lengths you had to go to rid yourself of body hair to fit into your bikini. We'd also be really interested to hear about experiences of transitioning told through the underwear involved along the way. And to hear stories from those of you who have undergone body shaping surgery either through choice or necessity. The theme is widely open to interpretation, and the blank pages and screens are all yours, just remember - no skirting around!

Skirting Around is open to anyone who identifies as female and/or wears or has worn

women’s clothing, and is inclusive of all cis, trans and intersex women, non-binary and

gender fluid people, drag queens and cross dressers.

All forms of writing are welcome – poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, essay (lyrical, personal,

experimental), hybrid forms – as well as visual art and photography. 

Submission guidelines

  • prose pieces (inc essay and hybrid forms) – between 50 to 2000 words

  • poetry – up to three poems, with a maximum total of 120 lines

  • visual art and photography – up to three pieces

  • submit all written work in a Word document and all visuals in a PDF or JPEG to Carolyn at

  • save your document as Lastname_Firstname_Skirting_Around_Issue#

  • do not include your name anywhere on the body of your document

(Please note, we are a very small team of two, and much as we would love to, we are unable to offer feedback on individual submissions).

Terms and Conditions

  • contributors will retain the copyright of their work

  • simultaneous submissions are accepted

  • all work must be previously unpublished both in print and online

  • Skirting Around reserves the right to edit submissions. Edits will be minor proofreading changes. If we feel that the submission needs more substantial edits then we will consult the contributor first

  • Skirting Around is unable to offer any payment for contributions at this time